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Multi-Purpose Year Round Jumbo Wall Banner & Run Through

Bring your team on the field in a “really big way” with a new multi-use 8′ x 17′ spirit and pride run-through.

This product is a better value than anything on the market. Built to last, the run-through top corners (double-stitched and reinforced) are attached to ropes tossed over the goal posts. When the cheerleaders are ready the ropes are pulled up (much like pulling up a curtain) and the team runs under the large mural and on to the field. After the ceremony, simple roll it up and use it again game after game! In the off-season, proudly hang the spirit and pride mural in the gymnasium. Your custom Run-through murals will make a great backdrop for special events and graduation ceremonies. Perfect product for a local business partner to sponsor… will last for years!