Custom Banners

1. Select the size of your banner

Available Sizes:

• 3′ X 5′
• 6′ X 8′
• 4′ X 4′
• 3′ X 8′
• 8′ X 17′

If you don’t see the size you are looking for…

Contact US!

2. What colors are you going to use for you custom banner?

3. What will you write on your banner?

Headline and body copy

You can customize the copy for your banner however you like.

Popular suggestions are the school name, positive message
and school slogan.

4. Provide us your logo or we can provide a mascot for you.

Mascot OR Logo

Our mascots are created in vector format so that we can apply them to your banner and maintain the best resolution possible.

You can also provide us your own mascot or logo files to be used on your banner which will help expedite the process and get your banners sooner to you.

Below are a few more examples…